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Maps are the best way to answer the question "where". We all know maps from our school days, from newspapers or TV. It's a great way of desribing a trip when you travel, a great way of visualizing a story happing in a far away region and a it's also a media format that's used in schools, in tourism industry, in news and current affairs. The big question remains - how can I create my own, personal map? There are many options. You could by an expensive software, install it read the 50 page hand-book and so on. Or you could look for a free map editor that requires no downloads or technical skills. You simply create the map online. For such purposes, several map editors exist. We found the easiest one to use (and the one giving you the most freedom in terms of design aspects) being StepMap. You create the Map online after signing up (for free) with your account. The editor has a 4 part navigation. First you pick a region (country, continent... anything you like), then you add locations (cities, routes, points of interes), then you add media (e.g. photos, videos and descriptions) and finally you save the map to your account. Of course, during any step you can personalize the design. It's a map editor that enables you to create a personal map no matter what the topic is.

Map Editors - What exactly do they offer?

The first question anyone needs to think about is this: "What exactly do I want to achieve? What's the objective, the topic and the ultimate message of the Map?". Once you have answered that question you will find picking the right Map Editor being much easier. Example: You need extremely detailed zoom-features (a tiny area of a few sqaure meters) then you might want to by a specialized map software. Or you want to calculate the distance between two cities (we recommend Google Maps for that). However, if you want to create a map that visualizes a route (e.g. showing your holiday trip) or a incident (e.g. an earthquake in a remote location), you want to make sure that the map tool offers a lot more in the design aspects (colors, font size and style, icons and logos, rich media such as videos and images). So instead of downloading a map you should create one from scratch and personalize it by using your style guide. The following examples show online maps that have been created with an online map editor for free.

Maps that have been designed and personalized with StepMap

BP spill will hit us all
Create a Map with StepMapStepMapBP spill will hit us all

The first map shows the location of the oil desaster in the Gulf of Mexico. It's by far the worst oil accident in the history of mankind.

My USA Trip
Create a Map with StepMapStepMapMy USA Trip

This Map shows a trip around the West Coast of the United States of America. It includes images and videos as well as the various cities and locations which were visited.

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